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Day 5 Sunday

Palitana - The Temple Town

The sight of Palitana's Shetrunjaya Hill with its 863 Jain temples and the aura of devotion is palpable. This complex is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Gujarat and probably India's most picturesque pilgrim centre.

The temple are exquisitely carved in marble and when seen from a distance, they appear to be ivory miniatures. The temple has a fabulous collection of jewels and these can be seen following special permission.

This temple city has been built as an abode for the Gods and as such, people are not allowed to stay overnight-not even the priests. One has to go up at the break of dawn and return before dusk. Also, one is not supposed to carry anything made of leather be it a watch strap, a belt, purse or shoes. For talking pictures, permission has to be asked from the trustees which is readily given on payment of fees.


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