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There was always the sea in Goa, and of course the scimitar shaped beaches, among the most secluded and beautiful in the world. But it was the Portuguese who arrived in Goa at the beginning of the 11th century and remained here for four and a half centuries, who gave Goa its essential flavor. Goa is a bit like paradise. Here the constant music of the sea and of the fun Loving Goans is the rhythm to which time abides. Golden Goa, calm and quiet, is erased from its leisurely slumber only once every year when the drum beats echo enthusiastically to the arrival of the lent carnival in February. On that occasion, for three days and nights there is fun, fiesta and feasting and Goa does not sleep, for the carnival is a throng with excitement, music, pagentry processions and dancing.

fun, water sports at Goa

Idle away days by the sea or indulge yourselves in a host of water sports activities--its all there, and for the asking.

Church at Goa

If Goa's beaches reflect a perfection of the holiday tradition, let one not forget that it also has, some of the country's oldest and most beautiful churches. And in a silver casket at the . Basilica of Bom Jesus lie the remains of St. Francis Xavier who came to Goa with no possessions save a breviary and a crucifix. There is also the St. Cathedral with its imposing facade, the St. Francis of Asisi Church and Convent built in the Manueline style, the Renaissance style Chapel of Saint Catherine, and of course the Convent and Church of Santa Monica, simply built in the Doric style. But no less important are Goa's temples, among them the impressive Manguesh temple.
In Goa, it is always to the sea that one returns, and there are well over 82 miles of beaches to choose from. Stray by the sea shore and sample some of Goa's cashew wine, feni, and let the produce of the sea please your palate. It is the idyllic life by the sea with the sun and the surf for company. The Goans are a fun-loving people and Krishna Air Services has lined up a taste of their festive life-style for you. Suggested hotels include Leela Beach Resort, Cidade de Goa, Fort Aguada Beach Resort and Sarovar Park Plaza.


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